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Music, Entertainment and Dancing In Western Algarve
Pubs and Bars: We have trawled the entire region to provide you a list of the best pubs and bars from Lagos to Sagres. Its a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Dancing: Below are details on where to go if you want to swing your pants in the local discos and live music spots. For details on the clubbing hotspots of Praia da Rocha, Albufeira and further afield click here.

Karaoke? Yes, even the ultra-cool Western Algarve offers you the chance to hopelessly embarass yourself in front of discerning critics. Knock yourself out.
Lagos | Meia Praia | Dona Ana | Porto de Mós
Pubs, bars and nightclubs in Lagos area
The centre of Lagos comes alive in the evenings with street entertainers and buskers and starts in earnest after 9.00pm when several energetic dance clubs and character-filled bars strewn through the main part of town start to fill up.

  • Acores - Young crowd, good dancey music. Quite raucous the night we attended - but we guess that's a good thing really.
  • Fools and Horses - English theme bar, with the theme being Sunday roasts, fish and chips, quiz nights and live footy. Rua Antonio Barbosa Viana | tel: (282) 76 29 70
  • KUinns - Open 'til 4.00 a.m every night of the year, this bar has an excellent house music policy and the staff work hard to make sure the customers are happy, the customers being a young, mixed crowd of holidaymakers and locals. Rua S. Lopes (just up from the old slave market).
  • Luis's Bar - Offers all the classics, i.e. Boddingtons, Stella, Tetleys, Guiness and Strongbow! Happy Hour 6.00pm to 8.00pm (that's two hours of happiness isn't it?) Opposite the Hotel Lagos on Rua Antònio Crisògno dos Santos | tel: (282) 76 17 31
  • Metro Bar - Lounge / dance music and resident DJ - Rua Lançarote de Freitas.
  • Mullens - Long established and very popular with the 'hip' crowd (i.e. artist types and euro-trash). Good food and music and always a buzz. Rua Candida dos Reis.
  • RGB Bar
  • Phoenix Club - Nightclub with DJs located in central town (Rua des Goncalo) open 'til 6.00a.m during the summer season. An eclectic music policy so you can get rock and indie interspersed with house and hip-hop - | tel: (282) 76 05 03
  • Plum bar - Internet, karaoke(!), pool table, outside patio. Rua Antonio Barbosa Viana, 17 | tel: (282) 08 96 84 | email: plum.lda@netvisao.pt
  • RGB Disco Bar - Deep house and chilled dance music, modern decor, and the night we visited a most gorgeous barmaid (grrrrr!) Rua 5 Outubro.
  • Rosko's Bar - Irish bar offering Murphy's on tap and over 60 cocktails. Rua Candido Dos Reis | tel: (282) 76 39 05
  • Shaker Bar - Late night DJs and free internet access. Rua 25 de Abril, No. 68 | tel: (282) 08 48 58
  • Stevie Ray's - Open 6 nights a week, with live music on Friday and Saturday nights with superb jazz and blues bands in a stylish ambience. Click here for Stevie Ray website.
  • Sunset Disco - Estrada Porto de Mós 8600 Lagos | tel: (282) 76 20 33
  • Stones Bar - For rock music lovers. "The bar where no one remembers your name". Indeed. To find out if this is true go to Rua Silva Lopes, behind the old slave market. Click here for their website.
  • Taverna Velha - The Old Tavern - Good food and regular art exhibitions. Rua Lançarote de Freitas, 34
  • Vino Divino - Italian wine bar and food in Lagos - Rua 1 de Maio
  • Whytes - Another long-established 'fixture' of the Lagos scene. Forever associated in your reviewer's mind with a particularly hazy evening of debauchery and alcoholic excess, but that's my problem to deal with. Trendy, slightly older crowd.
  • Zanzibar - Found at Rua 25 de Abril 99, in the heart of the town, is always lively.
    Praia da Luz | Burgau | Salema | Espiche | Budens
    Luz promenade at night Praia da Luz
  • Boozey Soozey's - Open 'til 02.00 seven days a week. In the commercial centre next to the Farmàcia - which you'll be needing in the morning for the hangover. | tel: (282) 78 80 09
  • The Bull - English style pub with upstairs restaurant. - Rua Calheta, No.5 - just off the church square.
  • Carlos - Cocktail and wine bar located on the esplanade down by the beachfront.
  • Clive's Bar - Owned by Clive oddly enough. We recommend the Pangalactic Gargle Blasters, our new friend Helena, who we met there, recommends the Manhattans, and we recommend her. Clive recommends anything so long as its ordered before 2.00am when he 'JUST HAS TO CLOSE NOW GUYS - I'M SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYING TENNIS IN THE MORNING'. Great bar with friendly atmosphere hosted by a cocktail meister.
  • The Duke of Holland - Open 'til 02.00 everynight. Darts, bar games, large screen for big sports events and friendly bar staff. You're allowed to fall off your bar stool at the end of the night, so long as you don't land on the dog.
  • Lazuli Bar - Located on the esplanade down at the beach. Click here for the Lazuli website
  • Luz Tavern - English style pub with pool tables, darts and lots of space + TVs showing sports at all hours - Praca da Republica 2a
  • Mirage - One of the liveliest spots in Luz, it's definitely got the best music policy for those under 35 years old (funky dance, chill, RnB, Latin dance, latest chart hits) and puts on special party nights through the season. Pool table, table football, music video screens and large beer garden. We like the cocktails that make your tongue blue. Located at the top of Luz just as you come in from the old road to Lagos on Rua Direita. | tel: (282) 78 80 41
  • Nautilus Bar - Friendly bar on the Ave. dos Pescadores just up from the church square.
  • The Plough and Harrow - Bar and Restaurant in the centre of Luz (Rua Direita). Once a week they host a jazz session with classic tunes and offering an 'open mic' spot for any would be Ella Fitzgerald's, Harry Connick Jnr's etc. who fancy themselves as a singer. The night we attended it was packed with all the guest singers showing stylish touches.
  • The Privé - The only proper nightclub in the Luz area. Can be deafeningly loud when the DJ seems to have water in his ear, but usually a good laugh. It's also the place with the latest drinking hours in Luz.
  • Cine Estúdio - Praia da Luz's own cinema - English and Portuguese language films - Edificio Luztur | tel: (282) 703 332

  • Burgau
  • The Pig's Head - Big screen TVs for sports events, pool tables, live music and, yes - you know you want to, karaoke | tel: (282) 78 80 09
  • Smugglers - Smashing atmosphere, friendly bar staff, good selection of beers and spirits. We really like this bar.
    Sagres | Vila do Bispo | West Coast
    pool table Sagres
  • Arcadas - Disco bar | tel: (282) 62 44 23
  • A Rosa dos Ventos - Located in the main square (Praça da República) this friendly bar attracts an international crowd of travellers and holiday makers and also serves good food. | tel: (282) 62 44 80.
  • Bubble Lounge - After-beach chill out bar open from 1600hrs with live DJ's and music video screens.
  • Last Chance Saloon - Outdoor terrace with sea view close to Mareta beach.
  • Warung - The owners call it "your favorite living room" - there's a chill out area, wireless internet, a pool table, books corner, two wind-sheltered garden terraces with a hammocks and comfy chairs. International food menu. Most nights have DJ's playing tunes and occasionally there are live bands.
  • Columbu's Bar - Cocktails, juices and take-away pizzas.

  • Vila do Bispo
  • Bar Convívio - Click here for Bar Convívio's website
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