Public Holidays in Portugal - List of Dates and Events




National Holidays in Portugal

1st January - Ano Novo - New Years Day

End of February / Beginning of March - Carnaval - very popular and a great excuse for some serious partying!

Good Friday (March / April) - Sexta Feira Santa

25th April - Dia de Liberdade - celebration of the 1974 revolution

1st May - Dia Internacional do Trabalhador - i.e. socialist clap-trap about the 'workers'. Still, it's a day off innit?

Corpus Christi (May / June) - Corpo de Deus

10th June - Dia do Portugal

15th August - Assunção da Nossa Senhora - Assumption

5th October - Dia da República

1st November - Todos os Santos - All Saints Day

1st December - Restoration Day (end of Spanish rule in 1640)

8th December - Immaculada Conceição da Nossa Senhora

25th December - Dia do Natal

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