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Portuguese Wines and Beverages
Below, we present a few of our most favourite Portuguese drinks. In the Western Algarve the locals, who start very early, often begin their days with a strong cup of coffee and a shot of the local fire water (madronho). This is especially recommended if you are going out on a boat early in the morning. Wine is drunk with the evening meal (Portugal makes it own wines and has some excellent labels) but they drink lager type beers in bars and the famous Vinho Verde must be drunk chilled.
Wines are produced locally in Lagos, Portimao and the Vila do Bispo area, including (according to the Michelin Guide) "light, fruity, velvety reds and sweet whites". The best labels come from the Minho (where Vinho Verde is produced), Extramadura and Douro Litoral (which is where Port comes from) regions in the north of Portugal. The country is also famous for its Rosés.
Spirits are very popular, and you haven't really visited the Algarve until you've drunk a 'Medronho' or 'Aguardente de Figo'.
The local beers are excellent. The most popular are 'Sagres' and 'Super Bock'. Mostly they are served from the bottle but when ordering draught you can ask for either a 'Caneca' (a pint) or an 'Imperial' (half a pint).
Hot beverages most often drunk include a 'bica' (a form of espresso) and 'Cha de limao' - hot water infused with zest of lemon.
Portuguese Wines
Algarve Wines Best of the Portuguese Red Wines Best of the Portuguese White Wines Vinho Verde Rosés Port
Portuguese Beers
Sagres Beer Generally lighter than other continental beers but perfect drinking for the climate.
Algarve Spirits
Algarve Favourites (Watch out! - they can knock you for six.) Other Portuguese Spirits
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