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Praia de Tonel
Located to the Northern side of Sagres Fort (which you can see up above on the cliffs from the beach) this beach is popular with surfers as it offers a brisk-westerly wind that often produces large Atlantic breakers. Also nice for sunbathing etc. because of the sheltered spots back towards the cliffs, but don't swim too far from shore without bouyancy aides and beware the rip-tides (although there is normally a life-guard in the summer).

Parking is no problem since there is a large car-park set-out for visitors to the fort, and from there it's only a short walk down.

The video is of a 'canoe surfer' on Tonel beach.
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Pictures of Praia de Tonel
Praia de Tonel, Vila de Sagres Praia de Tonel with view of Sagres fort up on the cliffs


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