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Praia de Burgau
A popular family beach, with one of the best beach bars on the whole Algarve coast. It is accessed down a very narrow, and steep, one-way street at the top of the village (Rua dos Pescadores). Parking is very limited and in high season you have to get there very early in order to nab one of the few spaces - either in the 'square', overlooking the centre of the beach, on or besides the ramp that the fishermen use to haul their boats out of the water, or on the street that takes you up and out again. A good test of your driving skills. Otherwise you'll find yourself parking at the top of the village and walking down. Console yourself with the thought of a having good-work out when you have to go back up again.

Enclosed by high cliffs either side, the beach has lovely, fine golden sand and is usually perfect for bathing (sometimes the waves can get a bit big but only occasionally and there is a life guard). We reckon Burgau beach has the best sand-castle making materials in the area and I myself have made many a fine 'schloss' here, with deep moats and fortifications to ward off intruders (usually my Dad telling me its time to go home - Hey Dad, I'm 32, I can look after myself OK?) Also a good beach to anchor your boat from as the swim or row to shore is reasonably short and the protection of the cliffs means you don't get exposed to horrible offshore currents or too much bobbing about. On the right-hand side, as you look out to sea, there are good rocks and pools for hunting for crabs or other sea creatures.

The beach bar is very well equipped, both in terms of sun-beds, pedaloes, general beach gear etc. as well as food and drinks. There is a restaurant part, if you want a sit-down meal, or a snacks / cafe part for a simple bite or sandwich and there is a very large fridge full of ices to keep the kids happy. The bar is fully stocked (and we mean fully) so you won't go thirsty, and there are a number of other watering holes and cafes just up from the beach as well, which give you a lovely view from which to observe beach life.

If you get there very, very early in the morning you can watch the fishermen coming in with their catch and try and spot what you're going to eat later in the day.
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Pictures of Burgau beach
Praia de Burgau in the evening Burgau Beach

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