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Praia Boca do Rio
Situated between Burgau and Salema, Boca Do Rio beach ("Mouth of the River") can be accessed either via the dusty back road that runs between the two villages or from the main EN125 turning off at Budens. In ancient times the area was under cultivation by the Romans for rice and other produce. There is no beach bar and in the off-season it is usually frequented by family camper vans and touring buses, with each group staking out their 'claim' close to the beach. In the high season the local police try to move the campers away from the beach to a spot behind the wetlands in the valley that forms the 'mouth' of the river. And then the campers move back again when they've gone. Then the 'big boys' (The Guardia Nacional Republicana, or GNR for short) are sent to move the campers on. It can be quite amusing when the campers first meet the GNR as they're not used to being forcibly escorted and cuffed about a bit. Word to the wise - never, ever, argue with the GNR (pronounced Gee En Airrr with a soft G at the beginning and a roll of the R's at the end) just do what they ask and insult them afterwards when you're safely out of earshot.

Totally undeveloped, there is a nice paddling spot for kids on the west side of the beach where a pool forms due to the topography. Scuba divers can explore a French 'Man-o-war' shipwreck that lies not far from the shore-line, but beware! the shipwreck is a nice place for octopus (octopii? octopuses?) to hide and whilst they're not man-eating monster octopus of lore, if they're hatching young'uns they can be very tetchy.

There is also the remains of an old Fort on the Eastern cliff to explore and there used to be some tramp inhabiting it but it seems as if he's gone now (since spring-time 2005). If he is back when you go there don't worry about poking your nose in, he's used to it - just don't nick his stuff (not that there's anything there you might want, it's just polite eh?).
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