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Praia da Cordoma, Praia da Barriga and Praia Mouranitos
A series of three broad beaches separated by cliffs but with access between them these are truly magnificent examples of the West Coast's spectacular landscape.

To get here you will need a car. You turn left off the coastal road that runs north from Sagres (EN120) at this sign Perimetro Florestal and then follow the road until at a fork you see a small, almost apologetic sign with the word 'praia' scrawled on it. Carry on down the very stony, windy track (take it easy - braking on this grit takes time!) and eventually you'll see the sea!

There are no facilities here and swimming can be perilous so stay in the shallows, but the isolation, the immensity, the golden sand and the fine sea mist that is sprayed up by the waves crashing on the cliffs combine to make this area a stunning location. Local fisherman like the cliff area that separates Barriga from Mouranitos and they often catch some monster-sized specimens. There is lots of space and many nooks and crannies in the rocks at the back of the beaches where you can set-up camp and get naked to perfect your all over tan!
Pictures of Praia da Barriga
Praia Da Barriga looking South Praia Da Barriga looking North to the cliff edge that you walk around at low tide to Praia Mouranitos

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