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Praia do Camilo
The last 'recognised' beach before Ponta da Piedade the prominontary that separates Lagos bay from Porto de Mos. By recognised we mean it's the last beach with a name and serviced by Lagos's municipal authority (for things like rubbish bins etc.) However, there are a number of small coves and little beaches further on from here until the Ponta da P which can be accessed if you're prepared to climb (or swim, or boat) around.

Following the signposts to the beach leads you to a small car park which has a snack bar / restaurant at the top of the cliffs. From there you can take some concreted steps that lead down to the sand. There are actually two beaches here and the local authority has helpfully carved a tunnel under the cliffs so that you can reach both. Good snorkelling opportunities and some fascinating rock formations and sea grottos.
Pictures of Praia do Camilo
Praia Do Camilo from the cliffs above - late afternoon Rock formations at the western edge of Praia do Camilo

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